Holiday Party - December 2001

New Years Brunch - January 2005

Museum Tour - March 2006

Bowling Social - May 2006

Pride Parade - June 2006

Holiday Party - December 2006

Game Night - March 2007

25th Anniversary Celebration - September 2007

Botanical Gardens Bike Ride - August 2009

Halloween Dinner - October 2009

Going Away Party - December 2009

Bar Night - February 2010

Valentines Red Party - February 2010

Game Night - March 2010

Bingo Social - April 2010

[img src= 001.jpg]130
[img src= 002.jpg]80
[img src= 003.jpg]80
[img src= 004.jpg]70
[img src= 005.jpg]70
[img src= 006.jpg]60
[img src= 007.jpg]40
[img src= 008.jpg]70
[img src= 009.jpg]70
[img src= 010.jpg]70
[img src= 011.jpg]60
[img src= 012.jpg]60
[img src= 013.jpg]100
[img src= 014.jpg]70


Pride Parade - June 2010

Bike Ride to Indiana - July 2010

Southside Bike Ride - November 2010

Game Night - January 2011

Movie Night - April 2011

Picnic - September 2012

Holiday Party - December 2012

Music Night - March 2014

Proud to Play - July 2014

Awesome event at The Call, July 19, 2014, from University of Chicago Medicine and Frontrunners/Frontwalkers. Thanks to everyone for showing up and making this event a success!

[img src=]800
[img src=]590
[img src=]560
[img src=]480
[img src=]440
[img src=]460
[img src=]460
[img src=]360
[img src=]430
[img src=]440
[img src=]520
[img src=]570
[img src=]540
[img src=]550
[img src=]450
[img src=]550
[img src=]680
[img src=]600
[img src=]650
[img src=]690
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[img src=]490
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[img src=]480
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[img src=]460
[img src=]450
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